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Priyanka is an enthusiastic illustrator and visual artist currently based in Pune. She loves stories and has a keen eye for detail. She is an acclaimed childrens book illustrator as well. .

Someone chops the vegetables, someone adds salt twice (oops!), someone adds too much water or fires up the gas too high. 

Quarantine is an odd time for all of us. A roller coaster of a kind. Amongst the chaos and dull, there are some spaces and times that brighten up my day. My favourite is when we cook together as a family. It’s the most fun to experiment with new recipes while learning the traditional and old ones from my mother, and of course, occasionally mess up the recipes by adding ‘too much’ or ‘too little’. All this while we try to wrap our heads around what this unit of measurement called ‘andaz’ means. 

There is a little practice we have come to follow in my family. We try to play atleast one game of cards every evening, which is a set of 4 games. The total tally at the end of each set, and the first and the last person makes coffee for everyone. Do you have any such practices?

Get yourself this exclusive artwork giving you a glimpse into the artist's daily life! 

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