Kapda hi Kapda

Professing to be Asia's largest textile market, situated jamuna par in the eastern region of Delhi, Gandhinagar Market houses about 12,000 make shift as well as permanent shops that would fulfil one's need of any type of any kapda. By any type of any kapda, we mean you get silk, poly silk, raw silk, greigh silk, dyed silk, tussar silk and so on. 

Characterised by the never ending rows of shops that would have their patrons luring you with slogans like 'Kapda hi kapda' at dirt cheap prices, the uneven pathways would be full of rickshaw wallahs yelling to make way for their delicate though enormous vehicles. One just cannot avoid the constant whiff of delicious kachoris being fried just around the corner.

We won’t say that it’s a place to visit for the charm of it, but it sure is for the immense variety of cloths available. Be it the infinite thaans of prints, the classic checks or stripes and even just kora kapda.

Our day at Gandhinagar.

Things to note :

1. Hydrate : Carrying a bottle of water would be a good idea.

2. Avoid rainy season visits.

3. Do try the refreshing shikanji that you’ll find at every nook and corner.